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the home of whimsical atiny

auntiny is an ATEEZ blog by Old Auntiny Shop. It features ATEEZ centered playlists, lore nonsense, recommendations, and craft guides designed for the whimsical atiny. 

meet the makers


  • Atiny since: March 2021

  • Bias line: Hongjoong, Wooyoung, Jongho

  • IRL facts: collector of paper trash, writer, jewelry maker


  • Atiny since: December 2019

  • Bias line: San, Jongho, Yunho, Yeosang (in chronological order)

  • IRL facts: English teacher; crazy cat lady; future neighborhood witch

posting schedule


  • Monday: Music Mix

A new ATEEZ-themed Spotify playlist to power you through your week​

  • Wednesday: What to Watch

A YouTube playlist of curated ATEEZ content​

  • Sunday: Bible Study

A non-religious, page-by-page exploration of the album diaries​


  • Friday: Fix On

A reexamination of a single ATEEZ track​

  • Saturday: Style Symposium

A themed collection of related media​


  • Everything and anything else

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