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Music Mix for mourning the loss of our faves

It's Monday, and that means it's time for a fresh, tailor-made, ATEEZ-centered playlist to start your week right.

The TTL:WTP tour has officially begun, and the setlist has been revealed. There is much to rejoice over and to anticipate. I am personally losing my mind over the band versions, the Utopia remix, Silver Light, and Everything (and also everything).

However, with each "hello" we must say "goodbye" because it's simply impossible for ATEEZ to keep every song we love in the setlist. (Would I attend an eight hour concert in order to see everything? Absolutely. Would it be entirely detrimental to ATEEZ's physical and mental health to be expected to perform for eight hours? Also absolutely.) In spite of my excitement, I am honestly feeling some feelings about the songs we've had to leave behind.

So, let us take a moment and mourn the loss of what could have been (this is a line from something and I suddenly can't remember what). Let's embrace our feelings, so that we can let them go.


playlist highlights

Answer - ATEEZ

Honestly, how could they. Like, I get it. I understand. Really I do. But how could they. Yes, I know I wouldn't have survived Answer and Silver Light in the same setlist. But maybe I wasn't aiming to survive. How could they.

Outlaw - ATEEZ

They really performed Outlaw a single immaculate time and then thought "Yeah, that's enough." The absolute absurdity.

Halazia - ATEEZ

I can't believe it. I truly am at a loss. I am astounded. I am offended. I am shocked. I am upset. I am hurt.


With a discography as blessedly perfect as ATEEZ's there will always be hurt feelings about songs left on the cutting room floor. So let's pour one out, light a candle, spread the ashes to the winds. And let's look forward to the day we meet our faves again.

Have a most excellent week.


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