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Bible Study: Fever Pt 3, Outro (Part 1)

[Note: This series originally started as a project on Reddit. You can find an explanation of what Bible Study is all about here.]

In the final chapter of the penultimate Fever diary, we come face-to-face with one of the ACU's biggest mysteries. And also another one of the ACU's biggest mysteries. And maybe we even solve one.

Bobby: It's gonna be a rough one today

Things to wrestle with

GD: Whew boy


Bobby: Are we ready then?

GD: Yes

Where are we in the story thus far?

Bobby: After meeting with Halateez, the boys get separated from Yeosang who is able to locate the cromer and bring it back to the group with guardians following behind him. He tosses the cromer to Hongjoong but gets captured himself. The guardians demand a trade. Hongjoong throws the cromer back to the guardians, Yeosang intercepts, and breaks the cromer. The light flashes and that brings us to the outro

GD: And now, the big one


01: thoughts on the page

GD: What are your thoughts on the page?

Bobby: So many thoughts

First, San is me when a member is on hiatus

GD: For starters, I want to say that San's little counting bit.. I feel that on a visceral level

Bobby: For real though 

GD: Good our shared brain cell is firing today

Bobby: Like, I count them all since Mingi was gone

In every picture

I can't not

GD: I wasn't even part of the fandom when Mingi was gone, and I still count them

this is...

Only mildly related, but I'm going to say it anyways

It's been in my thoughts since it was announced that Junghoon wouldn't be promoting with xikers

And like, as a fan, it is very painful to miss a member not on stage, but I am also incredibly grateful that these members are allowed to take breaks and take care of their health and well being when the time arises

GD: I think any fan who doesn't want to support something because all members aren't present are part of the problem. It's so unfair to force a member to come back before they're ready just because the fans think the rest of the group should also take a break if the member isn't performing

Bobby: Yes, that's full nonsense

GD: Yeah, I admit that I think there is something else going on with Junghoon, but that's also not really my business.

The bottom line is that everyone involved has decided he is not ready to come back, and thus, he won't.

Bobby: I was thinking about this this morning

I think it was yesterday that I saw some roadys tweeting about how they wished Junghoon could be involved in some way. That it's not fair for him to sit out of everything when the only issue we know of is his knee (? I forget actually)

But I do wonder if KQ has some sort of clause in their contracts. That if a member is on medical leave, they are on FULL leave. In order to prevent people coming back to work before they're fully able.

I know that one of the things that BBC's are mad at KQ/Seven Seasons about is that they think they forced one of the BBs to work injured

GD: Well, I know when I was on medical leave when my appendix ruptured, that was true.

Like, as a teacher, you're expected to work through basically anything

But once I was on literal medical leave where the government was involved because I wasn't allowed to work, they wouldn't even let me sign into email

I was not allowed to do a single thing

Bobby: Yeah, it's a liability thing

Let's say they let Junghoon come in to record and he hurts himself on the stairs, he might have a case


GD: From what I understand, he had a pretty serious injury

Which he had at the start of their career.. like the fanbase has changed, their popularity has changed, the venues they're performing at have changed.

For me personally, I would find it hard to jump back into that after a huge injury with a high risk of re-injury

Bobby: Right--like you said it's ABSOLUTELY none of my business but I could fully understand if there were a mental-emotional component at play here

GD: Exactly

But to bring it back to this bible study

We often think about what it means for the fans, and what it means for the member who is injured, but I think we often forget about the rest of the members

San here is a reminder

I always think about that concert in LA where Jongho had to leave in the middle of it because of an injury, and how ATEEZ pulled themselves together to put on an amazing show while being worried about their friend

Like I could never

Bobby: It reminds me actually of that one performance we were watching when Nmixx were just. . . off. And it was right after Jinni had left

I don't actually have any sort of idea of what Nmixx are like "on" as I'm not a fan, but I remember someone pointing out that they'd just lost a member and that's why they were just kinda struggling that day 

From my perspective anyways. It's hard when you stan Ateez

I do think that choosing San's perspective for this entry is interesting

GD: The three characters we really get any sort of info from are San, Hongjoong, and Wooyoung

Bobby: You mean narratively speaking?

Like what's going on?

GD: Like in the outro--those are the 3 characters that either act or say something

We don't get any reaction from the rest of them

Bobby: Too many boys for one outro

Somebody should Midnight Sun the diaries

GD: I guess I'm curious as to why those boys. We have Hongjoong, who we see coming into his own as captain. We have San, who was the one for whom the team was The Thing. And then we have Wooyoung.

Bobby: Perhaps it's just his personality

To speak up when no one else can

It's wild to me that Hongjoong has been sitting on the couch with fistfuls of sand, blood, and broken glass

Do we think Wooyoung is implying that Halajoong has died? Or had his life force drained, been zombified?

GD: That's what I was wondering too

Perhaps he's just saying yeosang will be captured like them.. but that would be pretty obvious if that was true

Bobby: Yes, he was literally captured

Maybe he means put inside a glass case?

GD: It seems like he must think that something beyond being imprisoned, no?

Bobby: Yeah, if he can't bring himself to finish the thought

And when the drone comes they're like "he's alive still"

So they are worried he's dead

I feel like it's possible we just solved a mystery

GD: I like.. actually think we did?

We've been right all along. Hala is dead. Long live hala.

Bobby: I think that the BTW tour was our last glimpse of Halateez

And how fitting

I do feel like Halazia was a very Big Obvious Clue

But that's just me

Shall we address the Elephant

The drone

Outside of a One-Teez theory, the drone doesn't make sense

GD: Okay

Here's the thing

I feel like there is some piece missing about how halateez was able to learn so much about the world of a and bring a cromer there while still being in the world of z. And yes, I know all the dreams stuff and eclipse and whatever. But they brought a physical object from one space into another through a dream.

Bobby: Yes. How did Halajoong even know about Hongjoong

Again, OneTeez solves this problem

So, we don't know how long Halateez were active before they were captured. We also don't know if they had a mentor or found some sort of sacred text to guide them with the cromer.

We don't know how they got the cromer in the first place

The lights outside of the partially open door--feels like it suggests the drone came via cromer. But the cromer is broken. However, it could be someone from the future sending the cromer back in time in order to ensure that the seven don't lose hope

GD: Well, we know if we read ahead that there is another cromer in play in the exact place they've gone back to

Bobby: Right, but as it's currently secure (for the moment), it has to be someone from a different time

Have you ever watched any Doctor Who

GD: I have watched some

Bobby: Have you watched Blink?

The one with Carey Mulligan and the weeping angels

GD: Yes!

I even showed it to Geoff

So I've seen it multiple times

Bobby: Right. It's my favorite episode. Possibly my favorite episode of all TV everywhere

But the idea that the thing that was going to happen is always going to happen.

GD: One of the ideas that makes me most uncomfortable

Bobby: There doesn't exist an alternate timeline where someone doesn't send the drone back

Then don't watch Marry My Husband

GD: I'm thinking of a different show

Bobby: It's not finished yet, but it might frustrate you

GD: But there's an episode where something happens in a certain way in one timeline, but they go back and change something, and that same thing happens but it happens because of someone else

I don't know if that makes sense

Geoffrey was talking to me while I was trying to type it

So I may have lost the plot in the middle

Bobby: No that makes sense

It's what happens in Marry My Husband. She goes back in time to relive her life. So the same things are happening again, but in some cases she can avoid them. But then they happen to someone else. So the thing that's going to happen is always going to happen

I think the one thing that is very clear is that it certainly is not the Yeosang who is trapped in the glass case who sends the drone.

It's someone else--whether that be Yeo from the future or someone else

GD: Right, it could be an alternate timeline Yeo

It could be something that hala set up before they died if they did in fact die

Bobby: Like on their to do list before being captured

1. Send the drone, 2. Give the cromer to Hongjoong

GD: Right

Sort of Prisoner of Azkaban-ish

Bobby: But that would assume that they've seen that particular future

They knew Yeo in particular would be captured

GD: We have some evidence that they've seen the future or know the future

Bobby: So that's how they knew to summon Hongjoong. They'd already been to the future and already seen themselves call him and the others, seen themselves be captured, and seen their own deaths? 

GD: It makes as much sense as anything, which is in fairness, not a ton

But I do think they must know something about the future because they bring ateez to them at the exact right time

Bobby: Well, it's literally what happens in The Time Traveler's Wife

Spoilers, I guess

GD: Well, in any event, it does give them hope, which is what sets them on their ultimate course

If Yeosang had made it back, this whole story probably disappears, right? They'd have no reason to go back and concern themselves with what was happening in Strictland at this point. If they'd all made it back safely.

But maybe that's the point.. I don't know. I'm sort of back on a OneTeez train

Bobby: I think OneTeez would be so incredible

Like imagine the last comeback before they head off to war, it's the end of the lore, and like the last shot we see is Hongjoong suiting up

And then it all falls into place

GD: Why did I decide against OneTeez?

Bobby: I feel like there's evidence against it

Things we have certainly discussed in bible study

I don't know what any of them are off the top of my head

GD: Right

I can't remember a single one

But I feel like I in particular had really decided it couldn't be true

Bobby: Yes, I've always been on the fence

OneTeez is my pet theory

But I know we have discussed things that have made me think "Oh I guess I'm wrong then"

GD: Yeah, I feel like I'd really ruled it out

Oh well

The only other note I have is that Wooyoung calls Halateez 'the black pirate'

Bobby: Yes. I had a crisis and had to look back to see if it was really just one person all along

GD: Lol so I did I

But we learn somewhere that the black pirates is the name for the whole underground resistance, of which halateez is just one part

Bobby: Yes

I think usually when Ateez are referring to Halateez they call them the men in black fedoras

But not always

GD: "Hongjoong swept dirt from the drone"

Wonder why it's dirty

I don't have much else to say about that

But it seemed a weird detail to me

Bobby: I assumed it got dirty when it crashed

Brushing the dirt off feels a bit like cherishing a thing that belonged to yeo

It's the "set it on top of a drawer" that really confuses me

GD: Also a weird detail

You're right

I'm thinking about the perspective again

Like, whose perspective it's written from. Because the last line says "we all surely felt it"

which implies its one of the unnamed boys that's telling us this part

Bobby: Well there's no pattern

In Z in pt 1, it's first person and clearly Hongjoong

In part 2 it's an omniscient third

GD: But the we implies this one is one of the boys

Bobby: Yes, but they also seem to have insight into how San and Wooyoung are feeling

It says "San could not believe there were only seven of THEM"

Is this just a translation error?

GD: Hard to say

That could be a guess

Bobby: It's Bobo

He's back

GD: Would be perfect

Bobby: Any further thoughts or shall we praise and prayer?


02: praise and prayer

GD: I think praise and prayer

My brain is sluggish because of a donut

I would like to praise the return of OSOS

Bobby: Yes. So nice

I really liked the new intro

My praise is Chief Emo Boy Mingi

My anti praise is not being able to listen on spotify but I also don't know how all that works

GD: Did you try listening on youtube music?

You can make little playlists which is sort of nice cause you can also stream some of Jongho's music on there

Bobby: Yes, of course it's on my playlist there

GD: It's also not nice because I'm used to spotify and I find the playlist making thing to be a hassle

Bobby: I'm also pleased the boys are having a nice vacation

Be the light

GD: Halazia


So, do you agree with our assessment re: the life status of Halateez? It of course remains to be seen. We'll be back next week with part 2.



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